Companies Represented
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Fair-Rite Products Corporation (USA)
Soft ferrites as board, cable and inductive components.
TBA-Electro Conductive Products  (UK)
ESD and EMI products, gaskets-wire, silicone and soft fabric/foam  types, copper beryllium fingers, windows and honeycomb vents, stainless steel fingers and D connector gaskets.
PolyLC (USA)
High pressure liquid chromatography columns HPLCs based on aspartamide derivatives.
Transmet Corporation (USA)
Rapid solidification technology to produce metal particles (flakes, spheres, needles and tadpoles). Emphasis is on aluminium
Schappe Technique (France)
Technical textile yarns including nylon/stainless steel blends for ESD carpets
Vanguard Products Corporation
Dual elastomers RFI/EMI shielding extrusions using silver and silver coated particulates for conductivity. Fluorosilicone and EPDM extrusions
Zippertubing (Japan) Ltd.
Soft foam extrusions for gaskets with a nickel coated polyester covering.
The Zippertubing Company (USA)
Cable jackets for resistance to abrasion, heat, chemicals, EMI and environmental seals.  Conductive fabrics
Filtemc Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd
EMI Power Line Filters

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